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KidRing Supports HCCF

KidRing sponsored a holiday party to raise money for the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation and it was a great success.  The adults enjoyed a fun night of cocktails and light pupus, while the kids wrote letters to Santa, made gingerbread houses, and decorated cookies.  Nearly $4,000 was raised for a truly great and important organization.

Thanks to all who came and gave their support to a great cause.


Lei Chic Loves KidRing

Lei ChicKidRing got some great press today with the web site Lei Chic, a site dedicated to all that is “hip and happening” in Honolulu.  We are thrilled and hope you will go to their site and look around.

Check out the article here:

A Mom’s Testimonial:

If you are like me, your phone is somewhere in the bottom of your oversized bag or pocket and you’ve missed your fourth call from your spouse because you never heard it ring. Having my little guy record “Mom, the phone is ringing. Pick it up” on KidRing means that I always hear my phone and it puts a smile on my face to hear his sweet voice!! I love this app and I think you will too!

KidRing Is Approved!

KidRing 1.0 is approved!!!  Download it today and let us know what you think.

3.1 Tested

Apple released it’s iPhone 3.1 OS today, and KidRing 1.0 is fully compatible.  We hope to see approval shortly, so you can download the app and try it for yourself.

Apple Delay

Apple delayed the release of KidRing™ 1.0 pending a change.  A better clarification about the fact that the ringtone sent to you could be seen as spam is needed.  It seems the Apple folks think this will be too confusing, so we have obliged them and have resubmitted a new application to them today.  Sadly, this means another 10-14 days before the the next review.

Stay tuned.  And here is a new ringtone we recorded to test the new application today:

KidRing 1.0 awaits approval from Apple.

KidRing IconKidRing™ is the first iPhone ringtone application that combines a selected audio ring  (i.e. old phone, digital phone, chirping bird, school bell, etc.) with a voice message created by your child.  The combination makes it tough to miss a call.  Your phone rings and then your child calls out to you with a custom message.  You can be sure it is YOUR phone ringing too, since your child’s voice will be the one calling  out to you.  That is a sound you always hear.

Below is a sample of a ringtone made with the KidRing application:

The first production release of the KidRing™ iPhone application was submitted to the Apple iTunes Store for approval on August 3, 2009.  The process should take about a week to ten days.  and then you can start making all the ringtones you want for only $0.99.  There is no limit.