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KidRing 1.0 awaits approval from Apple.

KidRing IconKidRing™ is the first iPhone ringtone application that combines a selected audio ring  (i.e. old phone, digital phone, chirping bird, school bell, etc.) with a voice message created by your child.  The combination makes it tough to miss a call.  Your phone rings and then your child calls out to you with a custom message.  You can be sure it is YOUR phone ringing too, since your child’s voice will be the one calling  out to you.  That is a sound you always hear.

Below is a sample of a ringtone made with the KidRing application:

The first production release of the KidRing™ iPhone application was submitted to the Apple iTunes Store for approval on August 3, 2009.  The process should take about a week to ten days.  and then you can start making all the ringtones you want for only $0.99.  There is no limit.

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