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Why can’t I just save my ringtone directly on the iPhone?

The current Apple iPhone Operating system does not allow any direct access to the ringtone directory directly on the phone.  Because of this, you must get all ringtones through an external source (download, email, etc) then import into iTunes and sync the ringtones on the phone.

Can my ringtone be filtered as SPAM?

Yes.  Make sure that ringtone@kidring.com is in your email address book if you are not seeing the ringtone in your inbox.

GMail tags these messages as spam, by default.  If this occurs, you can go in the SPAM folder on the GMail web interface, check the box next to the message from ringtone@kidring.com, and select “not SPAM” from the menu.  All future ringtones will come through fine after this change.

I just never got the ringtone at all.  What is the problem here?

Check to be sure you typed your email address in correctly when you set up your account.  If you typed in the wrong address, the ringtone will be going to the wrong place.

There is also a problem with some email addresses at comcast.net where the emails are being filtered out and bounced prior to ever being delivered.  If this is happening to you, contact Comcast and tell them about the issue so that they can allow these emails through.


2 Responses

  1. Hi. Thanks for the awesome idea of having our kids be our ringtone and your detail instructions in walking me thru the step. I sync the ringtone to my iphone (and I can even see it under ringtone on my device). However, when I go to sound and then ringtone — the customized part of the ringtone never pops up, and then of course I cannot find the one we recorded! What do I need to do now? Thanks!

    • Yanying,

      Sorry you are having trouble. I really wish Apple would just let us access the ringtone directory on the iPhone itself, then none of these sync issues would arrise.

      That being said, let’s just see if some step is missing.

      1. Open the email with the ringtone and double-click on the ringtone icon.
      2. If iTunes wasn’t open already, double-clicking will open the iTunes app and import your ringtone into the ringtones library.
      3. Click on the Ringtones icon (it is shaped like a bell) on the upper left section called “Library” in iTunes to make sure your new ringtone is listed. Whatever name you gave it when you made it should be displayed.
      4. Click on the icon for your iPhone under “Devices” on the left hand side of iTunes.
      5. Go to the 4th tab called “Ringtones” and be sure you check the “Sync Ringtones” box. Also, be sure that if you select to sync only “Selected Ringtones” that your ringtone is selected in the lower box.
      6. Press “Sync” on the lower right corner of the iTunes application.
      7. Now, go back to your phone and see if the customized section shows with your ringtone. Then, simply click on the new ringtone and start using the ringtone.

      If this doesn’t work, please respond here and we will continue troubleshooting.

      KidRing Support

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